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Vasanta Dhaarmika Shibira

There is delightful news for parents who opine that their children should learn our ancient culture and incorporate it into their lives. You can send your child to participate in the religious education camp organized by paryaya Shri Palimaru Matha.

Shri Hanumajjayanti Program

His Holiness 108 Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha Sripadaru is organizing 1008 Shri Hari Vayustuti Parayana and Madhu Abhisheka to Sri Prana Devaru on account of Shri Hanumajjayanti.

Felicitation of Sri Suvidyendra Teertharu

In the remembrance of the passage of 16 years, His Holiness presented Shri Suvidyendra Teertha with sixteen mangala dravyas. He also performed pushpabhishekha with the nirmalya pushpa offered to Lord Shri Krishna.
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