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Harikatha Yajna

The one month Harikatha Yajna was inaugurated and blessed by His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertharu

Akhanda Bhagavata Pravachana

To commemorate th 18th Maha Samaradhana of His Guru Sri Vidyamanya Teertha Swamiji, akhanda bhagavata pravachana was organised by His Holiness Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha swamiji at Rajangana on 26.04.2018

Vasanta Dhaarmika Shibira

There is delightful news for parents who opine that their children should learn our ancient culture and incorporate it into their lives. You can send your child to participate in the religious education camp organized by paryaya Shri Palimaru Matha.
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