Sudarshana Homa at Udupi

Sudarshana Prarthana

The Covid-19 pandemic has created panic worldwide. Mankind is tired from its struggle to find an immediate cure for this disease. This pandemic has ruined the peace of crores of people over the past two years. Several people have witnessed the loss of their loved ones during these fateful days. Further, it is evident that all of us, in one way or the other, are emotionally distressed. Although it is heartening that medicines are now available for this disease, it will not be peaceful until it reaches everyone. Till such a time, fear will continue to loom over us, and this fear is our real enemy.

Although, on a global scale, we consider this as a natural disaster, it is an experience of our past karma when viewed in our personal capacities. During such times, it is best to constantly pray God for emotional strength and take preventive measures to check the disease. When prayers are offered through a higher medium, the fruits they reap would also be superior. However, under the present circumstances, we are all unable to pray systematically. Therefore, considering our situation, His Holiness Sri Sri Vidhyadheesha teertha Sripadaru of Palimaru Matha is conducting a program to offer special prayers daily on behalf of all of us. This is Sudarshana Prarthana – a special prayer for global welfare.

For a period of 27 days from 14.06.2021, His Holiness has decided to conduct Sri Sudarshana and Nakshatra Devata Homa for one janma nakshatra (birth star) and janma rashi (birth sign) every day. This is His special prayer to the Lord, seeking emotional strength for us . Any devout can provide their personal details for this prayer and receive the grace of God.

To submit your prayers through His Holiness to get out of depression, here is what you need to do:

  1. Immediately make a note of the date on which your birth star falls in the below-mentioned period. Ensure that you complete a total of 504 chants of Sri Sudarshana Mantra by that date. (Mantra is given at the end of this page) Please have a clean mind and body during the chanting. Let diligence be your breath.
  2. Send us your details one day before the date on which your birth star falls. Prayers will be offered in your name on the date of the Homa.
  3. If you are unaware of your birth star, you can find out the same from the link

There are only two prerequisites for partaking in this program:

  1. You must use the form provided here to submit your details. Please do not send your requests through WhatsApp, phone calls or SMS as we do not have staff to attend to these at present. However, you need not worry; once you submit your forms, it will definitely be received at our end and your name and prayer will certainly be considered. Please have faith.
  2. You do not have to pay for this program. Your faith in God and the trust you have in Vedic practices alone are your contributions for this. We must firmly believe that our minds strengthen and ailments get cured through these practices.

A few notes :

  • Mantra for chanting : श्री सुदर्शनाय नमः श्री / ಶ್ರೀಸುದರ್ಶನಾಯ ನಮಃ ಶ್ರೀ /  శ్రీసుదర్శనాయ నమః శ్రీ / ஶ்ரீ சுதர்ஶனாய னமஃ ஶ்ரீ
  • Anybody can chant this mantra for any number of times (504 is a good number). Both men and women across all age groups can chant it. Prayers can also be submitted on behalf of some one else, however, it is requested to register those prayer requests separately in every individual’s name a day in advance.
  • Prayer Submission Form :


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