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Shri Krishna Katha Contest 2020

Shri Krishna Katha – On account of Shri Krishnashtami (Souramana) on 10.09.2020, in accordance with the directive of His Holiness Vidyadheesha Teertha, a story telling competition revolving around Lord Krishna, has been organized. This is an online contest through YouTube.  Those interested may participate. tory telling contest for elders.

A story telling competition – by elders for children

On account of Shri Krishnashtami (Souramana) on 10.09.2020, in accordance with the directive of His Holiness Vidyadheesha Teertha, a story telling competition revolving around Lord Krishna, has been organized. This is an online contest through YouTube.  Those interested may participate. 

The purpose of this competition is to facilitate the elderly to spend time with the children, instill our native ethos in them and inspire the next generation to communicate in their mother tongue.  It is not our intent to condemn any language. Thus, without any hesitation, let us narrate a story of Lord Krishna to the children. Let us take pride in our mother tongue. Let us also evolve with the children.  

Before taking part in the competition, let us take cognizance of the following rules.


  1. This is not a children’s story telling competition. It is a competition wherein elders tell a story to children. 
  2. The narration may be in any of the following languages – Sanskrit / Kannada / Tulu / Konkani / Marathi / Telugu / Tamil / Malayalam / Hindi. Narration in languages besides those aforementioned, will not be considered.
  3. The participant must seat a child and narrate the story.  Any number of children may be included as listeners. Why just children, listeners of all age groups may be seated with the children.  However, the narration style must be comprehensible by the children. Let it not be like a discourse.
  4. Your stories must be sent to us as a Youtube video.
  5. The competition is only for those above 18 years of age. There is no gender and caste based restriction. We repose faith in your honesty and hence there is no specific need to provide age proof. 
  6. The duration permissible for the narration is 4 minutes. Videos exceeding this time limit will not be considered.
  7. A participant may take part in only one language category.
  8. An individual will be permitted to submit one video only.
  9. If desirous, all members above 18 years of age, in the same household, may individually participate. 
  10. Submit the video link of your story through the Google form provided at the end of this communication. We will not watch videos that come through WhatsApp. Be responsible and render the video link properly. Entries with broken or erroneous link will be rejected.
  11. Information that must be provided mandatorily in the Youtube video description box.
    • There should be these two hashtags : #kkc3  #palimaru_krishnakatha. Videos without both of these tags will not be considered for the competition.
    • The participant’s name and place must be entered. This must be in concurrence with the information submitted to us in the requisition form.
  12. The last date for submitting the participation request form is 12.09.2020, 8:00 P.M.
  13. Our team of volunteers will view the videos and evaluate them. The top scorers will be awarded.
  14. The results will be announced on 22.09.2020
  15. The views of the participants expressed in the competition videos are solely their own. Neither Shri Palimaru Matha nor its affiliates nor its employees are responsible for any differences in ideologies or opinions expressed by the participants. 
  16. The decision of the organizers is final in all matters pertaining to the competition. 
  17. Tattva Samshodhana Samsat reserves all rights to amend the rules of the competition if warranted. Changes if any, will be announced on our Facebook page and website. There will be no direct intimation to the participants.


  1. All participants will receive a certificate of participation via email.
  2. The winning contestant will receive a silver tulasi bead mala offered to Lord Rama of Palimaru Matha, worshipped by Shri Madhvacharya. Winning female contestants will receive a silver japa mala. 

A few tips

  1. Stories that are not a part of the pious treatises such as Mahabharata, Harivamsha, Bhagavata and have been passed down orally fail to have any spiritual significance.
  2. While filming the video, it is better to position it horizontally than vertically. Filming in a well-lit area would yield a better outcome.
  3. When the voice in the video is clear, it would hold the attention of the audience better. Besides, it would also impress upon the decision-makers. 
  4. Read on how to include these hashtags here
  5. While narrating the story, may the language be simplistic and effective in disseminating the essence to children. However, be mindful that the presentation does not seem childish to the audience.
  6. If your video entails simplicity in narration, dynamism in presentation and timeliness, it implies you are ahead on the path to succeed.

Submission Form

  • The online form to submit your videos is :


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