Palimaru Paryaya – Appeal

Palimaru Paryaya – Appeal

The famous temple city of Udupi situated in the Coastal Karnataka is the abode of Sri Krishna. The Moola Vigraha of Sri Krishna was installed way back in the thirteenth century by the founder and propagator of the Tattvavaada Philosophy, Sri Madhwacharya. The temple city of Udupi is getting ready to host the most awaited biennial event, the Paryayamahotsava, initiated by the great philosopher Sri Madhwacharya in the 13th Century, forms the basis of the transfer of Pooja rights of Lord Sri Krishna by rotation among the reputed Ashta Mathas of Udupi.

The forthcoming paryayamahotsava provides devotees yet another golden opportunity to witnessing of handing over the Pooja rights of Lord Sri Krishna this time to Sri Palimaru Matha Udupi. The upcoming paryaya event is even more special as it marks the commencement of the 32nd Cycle of the Paryaya among the Ashta Mathas of Udupi, a biennial event [which was earlier a bi-monthly event, started in the year 1522 AD by Sri Sri Vadiraja Theertha].

Sri Palimaru Matha, besides being blessed by Sri Madhwacharya to lead every new paryaya cycle, is also ordained by its first Guru, Sri HrishikeshaTheertha, a direct disciple of Sri Madhwacharya, to be innovative and be in the forefront of all dimensions of social activities – religious, spiritual, and cultural. Manuscripts of Sarvamoola Granthas (Philosophical works of Sri Madhwacharya) written in “Taadavala (palm leaf)” by Sri Hrishikesha Theertha are in the possession of Sri Palimaru Matha even now. The same have been edited and published by Sri Palimaru Matha.

His Holiness Sri Sri VidyadheeshaTheertha Swamiji, the present head pontiff of Sri Palimaru Matha will be ascending the Sarvajnapeetha on the sacred and auspicious day of 18th January 2018 as the pinnacle of the Paryaya celebrations. His Holiness will be taking this sacred responsibility for the second time. H.H. Sri Sri VidyadheeshaTheertha swamiji’s Guru, H.H.Sri Sri VidyamaanyaTheertha Swamiji a great Tapaswi and scholar, had offered “Suvarna Ratha” and “Vajrakireeta” to Lord Krishna during the latter’s Paryaya. H.H Sri Sri VidyadheeshaTheertha Swamiji on his part offered “Vajrakavacha” during his previousParyaya. During his 1st Paryaya, H.H. Sri Sri VidyadheeshaTheertha Swamiji initiated the most appreciated project “Chinnara Santharpane” (Mid-day meals program for school students).This project is being continued by all the Ashta Mathas in every Paryaya.

Paryaya Mahotsava has gained a lot of significance and attracts people from all parts of the world who flock to witness this unique event. Participation from devotees all across the globe makes this event a truly Vishwa Mahotsava (Universal Festival). Paryaya mahtosava is planned as a grand and vibrant fortnight-long festivity incorporating a host of religious and cultural events.

With the blessings of Sri Krishna and Mukhyaprana, we request all the devotees to partake in these celebrations and make this a grand and memorable historical paryaya.

The paryayamahotsava will commence on 3rd January 2018 with the Pura Pravesha of H.H Sri Sri VidyadheeshaTheertha Swamiji when the citizens of the temple town Udupi will warmly welcome and receive the new paryaya Swamiji who would by then have completed Akhanda Bharatha paryaya sanchara. The devotees then would provide their offerings of groceries, vegetables, fruits and other edible items for the Paryaya period in terms of HoreKanike. All these are donated for preparing Sri Krishna prasada to lakhs of devotees who come and participate in the event. The pinnacle event of Paryayamahotsava starts during early hours of 18th January 2018 wherein the pontiffs of Ashta Mathas are carried over in colourfully decorated palanquins from Jodukatte to Ratha Veethi of Udupi. After the procession, H.H Sri Sri VidyadheeshaTheertha Swamiji would ceremoniously ascend the Sarvajna Peetha at Sri Krishna Matha. This will be followed by a grand Durbar of all the
pontiffs of Ashta Mathas.

Scores of cultural, musical and dance programmes incorporating performances by renowned artistes are arranged throughout the entire celebrations lasting a fortnight. Comprehensive press and media coverage of the memorable event would embellish the grandeur of the festivities.

We also request you to contribute in every possible way towards the success of Sri Palimaru Paryaya with your liberal donations and contributions. We invite all the devotees to participate and gain the blessings of Sri Krishna Mukhya Praana.

Your contributions can be made by Cash / DD / Cheque / NEFT / IMPS / RTGS to any of the following two Bank Accounts maintained at Udupi, in the name of “Sri Palimaru Paryaya Swagatha Samithi”

Bank Name: Karnataka Bank Limited
Branch Name: Car Street branch, Udupi
Current Account No.: 8022000100105601
IFS Code: KARB0000802


Bank Name: Syndicate Bank
Branch Name: Car Street branch, Udupi
Current Account No.: 01091010000857
IFS Code: SYNB0000109