16th ShrimanNyaya Sudha Mangalotsava

 Jagadguru Sriman Madhwacharyara, the third incarnation of Vayudeva  following Hanuma and Bheema established and propagated the Dwaita philosophy, as the 22nd philosophy in the Vedic society. Many honorable and revered saints followed Srimad Acharya’s lines of philosophy and one among them is Sri Hrushikesha Teertha who founded the Palimaru mutt at Udupi. The present pontiff of Sri Palimaru mutt, Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vidhyadheesha Teertha organized the 16th Nyayasudha mangala, a summit of scholars who conclude one of their highest degree of Dwaita philosophy studies,called Sriman Nyayasudha, in the honorable presence of the revered pontiffs of many Madhwa mutts. This historic event was organized as a 3 day celebration on May 12th  13th and 14th of 2023, at the sacred land of Lord Bhoovaraha, Srimushnam  in the premises of Vyasaraja mutt, beside the temple structure.


 The honorable saints who blessed the occasion were:

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vidhyavallabha Teertha of Kaaniyur mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vishwaprasanna Teertha of Pejawara mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vishwavallabha Teertha of Sode Vadiraja mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Eeshapriya Teertha of Adamaru mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vedavardhana Teertha of Shirooru mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Satyatma Teertha of Uttaradi mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vidhyaprasanna Teertha of Kukke Subrahmanya mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vidhyavallabhamadhava Teertha of Madhava Teertha mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Sujayanidhi Teertha of Sripadaraja mutt

Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vidhyesha Teertha of Bandarakere mutt


Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vidhyashreesha Teertha of Vyasaraja mutt wished for a smooth and graceful happening of the event and ensured all the necessary facilities were made at the Vyasaraja mutt venue.


The Palimaru mutt pontiff Sri Sri Sri 1008 Vidhyadheesha Teertha praised and blessed each and every member of the Madhwacharya Seva Sangha, Chennai, the committee which organized the event, for their whole hearted and committed service. Also, the scholars who completed their Nyayasudha study under the able mentorship of pandits and pontiffs were awarded and honored. Swamiji whole-heartedly blessed  each and everyone who graced the occasion with their presence and service and made the event grand and successful.

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