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Daily events : 29.10.18

Managing director and CEO of Syndicate Bank Sri Mrutyunjana Mahapatra visited Sri Krishna Matha and received blessings from His Holiness Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha Swamiji.

SBI Charman Sri Rajinish Kumar visited Krishna Matha

The Chairman of State Bank of India Sri Rajinish Kumar visited Shri Krishnamatha along with his wife on 21.10.2018. His Holiness Sri Swamiji blessed the couple and honoured them as per customs. Sri Rajnish kumar was accompanied by Sri Giridhar Kini, CGM Mumbai, Sri Abhijit Mujumdar CGM Bengaluru, Sri Girish Venkatesh Sales and Nimisha Head - Investments.

Shri Krishna Katha Contest - Season II - Results

In accordance with the desire of His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha Shripadangalavaru, Tattwa Samshodhana Samsat had organized Krishna katha – an online story telling competition for children this year too. This competition would enable both the children and the parents to completely immerse in the glorious life of Krishna briefly. Such involvement which would bestow auspiciousness upon all the members of the family was the purport. The competition this year received over 400 videos of children sent in by parents in 7 different languages.

Proshtapadi Bhagavata Seva

The month of Bhadrapada is called Proshtapada in ancient scriptures. From the 9th day to the Full Moon day of this month King Parikshitha listened to the whole Bhagavatha from Shukacharya. With this siginifacne the tenure has become the apt for organising discourses on Bhagavata Purana. Some people organise the reading of this Purana during this period.

Condolence on Sri Atal Bihari Vajapeeyi's demise

Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, another patriotic leader of India is no more!. The news of his death has brought anguish to the patriots. His title "Ajatashatru" suffices to give a complete introduction to his personality. Vajpayee tops the list of orators and parliamentarians the country has witnessed. Modern India trod the path of development with the reform measures undertaken by Shri Vajpayee. The nation's illustrious national highways project is his inception.

Krishna Katha Volunteering FAQ - English

We are glad you have evinced interest in this page. This is a tiny effort in sowing the seeds of tradition in children through the story of Shri Krishna. We hope this instills confidence in oration, love and fluency in speaking in the mother tongue and above all pride about our Indian culture in the child perpetually.

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