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Purushottama Yaaga

Our ancestors have called Adhika maasa as Purushottama maasa itself. The 15th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita is termed as Shri Purushottama yoga. In the light of these two distinctive aspects, His Holiness Vidyadheesha Teertha has undertaken a special initiative called Purushottama yaaga. It’s purpose is welfare of the world. 

Purushottama yaaga is a program of global recitation of Purushottama Yoga (The 15th chapter of Bhagavad Gita) and its mangala mahotsava. It will be held during the Adhika maasa of the current Shaarvari samvatsara. Over this period of 29 days, interested devotees may participate by reciting the Purushottama Yoga according to one’s capacity, everyday.

At the end of the Adhika maasa, the poornaahuti of the Purushottama yaaga will be conducted. On this day, prayers will be offered in the names of all those who take part in the recitation. Those who engage in this yaaga with utmost devotedness will certainly reap all kinds of merits.

Date of commencement of the recitation : 18.09.2020
Date of conclusion : 16.10.2020

Q. What does one have to do?
A. Simple. Recite the 15th chapter of Bhagavad Gita every single day through the 29 day period. 

Q. What qualification must one have to recite?
A. Devotion towards Shri Krishna and unflinching faith in the Gita are the only qualifications required to take part in this yaaga. Anyone who has these, can take part in this yaaga irrespective of caste and age and gender.  

Q. How many times should one recite each day?
A. It takes about 5 minutes to recite once. By this metric, do as many times as your convenience permits. On the final day, submit the cumulative count of your recitation to us. However, do not refrain from fulfiling your household duties  under this pretext. 

Q.What sankalpa should one take?
A. Take a sankalpa that you are doing this recitation for the love of Shri Purushottama. May the sankalpa process be the same as is the tradition in your home. 

Q. Do we have to come to Udupi for this recitation?
A. The Purushottama yaaga is being conducted at a global level. It would be the best if you could travel to Udupi for this recitation. However, in the wake of current events, it is prudent to sit in your home and do it. 

Q. How much will it cost?
A. There is no cost involved. It is absolutely free.

Q. We follow the souramana panchanga. We do not have the adhearnace of Adhika masa. Can we participate in this program?
A. Of course you can participate. There is no specific celebration in the souramaana system. However, the dates are the same for everyone. Thus, those following the souramaana system too can participate. Worship of the Lord is our only purpose.

Q. I don’t have the text of Purushottama yoga. However, i would like to learn and recite. What should I do?
 A. We have published the text and the manner of reciting it . It is very simple. You can practice it through your mobile phone itself. 

Q. How and to whom should the count of the recitation be submitted to?
A. In order to participate in the Purushottama yaaga, it is mandatory that you register your name with us before 18.09.2020. Once you start the recitation, it is not necessary that you send your count everyday. However, your cumulative count of the recitation must be submitted to us on 15.10.2020 by 7 p.m. On the morning of 16.10.2020 you may recite as many times as is convenient for you. 

The details of your recitation may be sent to the contact number mentioned at the end of this information sheet via WhatsApp.
1. Your name 2. Your gotra 3. Your nakshatra and rashi 4. Your city

Note: Register your name before the 18th of this month. Register yourself here

WhatsApp number you need to send your cumulative counts of the recitation to: 
Dr. Vamshi Krishnacharya
Director, Tattvasamshodhana Samsat
Convener of Purushottama Yaaga
Contact number: 8123458634