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Distribution of free school uniforms

On 14.07.2018, free school uniforms were distributed to over 10000 students from 100 schools located at Udupi district that are a part of the chinnara santarpane program undertaken by paryaya Palimaru Matha

Shri Krishnarpita Tulasi for medicines

The tulasi leaves used for the nitya laksha tulasi archane of Shri Krishna will be made available to us in the form medicine. Yes. A medical trial of this has been successful. This medicine is now awaiting the final phase of approvals

Inauguration of new stone benches

To provide enhanced comforts to the elderly citizen Paryaya Palimaru Matha has added a few more stone benches on the car street. Originally from Belman now a resident of Vadodara Sri Dayananda Bontra has offered sponsorship for these benches. His Holiness Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha Sripadaru inaugurated this arrangement on 08.06.2018.

Parashurama Kiri, Sadananda Ameen, Jagadeesh Kudwa, Shamprasad Kudwa, Nagabhushana Shet, Ganapati Kamat and Nityananda Volakaud were present during this occasion.

Ayurveda Vana campaign

With the intent of planting trees and protecting the environment, Tatvamasi organization is undertaking a campaign between 05 June 2018 and 05 June 2019 and the same was flagged off at the rajangana of Shri Krishna Matha.

Doddanagudde Temple Horey Kanike

His Holiness Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha Swamiji inaugurated Horey Kanike event of Brahma Kalasha program of Sri Durga Adhishakti temple - Doddanagudde. The procession was started from Shri Krishna Matha.
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