Kodagu Relief Activity

Palimaru Matha adopts a village in Kodagu

Palimaru Matha adopts a village in Kodagu. His Holiness Sri Swamiji has resolved to reconstruct a village of Kodagu district which was destroyed during the recent natural disaster.

‘Sarvabhoota Dayapushpam’ as said in the shastras, the blossom of kindness is one among the eight bhaavapushpas to be offered to the Lord. It hence directs us to show mercy and kindness to all forms of life and creation. Offering as much help as we can to others in need is hence the Dayaapushpam by which we can please the Almighty that resides in everyone. On these lines, it becomes our greatest concern and responsibility to lend a shoulder to the terrible flood-striken areas of Kodagu District of our State. Paryaya Shri Shri Vidhyadheesha Tirtharu has thus decided to adopt and restore one village of the flood-striken Kodagu District. We seek all devotees to join hands in this great initiative and be a subject to the kindness of the Lord, by contributuing to your level best.

-Divaanaru, Paryaya Shri Palimaru Matha Krishna Matha,Udupi.

For transfer of funds please note the below bank details:

Yogadeepika Trust® S.B A/C no. 01092200021434
PAN no. : AAATY140G
(this account is 80g tax free).

For details :
K. LakshmiNarayana Sharma
0820 2520598 (9.00am to 5.00pm)

(Pic courtesy : The New Indian Express)

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