When is Krishna Janmashtami in 2019

A Clarification regarding 2019 Janmashtami

Fasting on account of Krishna janmAShtamI needs to be observed on 23rd August 2019 itself. No need of any confusions here.

It is mentioned in the panchangas of Paryaya and Ashta Mathas of Udupi, that the Krishna Janmashtami is occurring on 23rd of August and Vitla Pindi on the next day i.e. 24th August this current year. On 24th, Sapthami is till 8.09 post which Ashtami occurs. At the time of moonrise, the stipulated time for observing the rituals, Ashtami would be present. There is no Ashtami on the following day. Hence, fast has to be observed on 23rd itself. This is the tradition followed in the Ashta Mathas of Udupi. There is strong documentary evidence supporting the same. On the following day 24th, Rohini, the star under which Lord Krishna was born into, starts only at 54.50. In this way, on the first day the Thithi and on the following day the star of incarnation is occurring. In such situations, the Thithi itself is considered as is the norm for following Ramanavami. The following evidences support the same.

tithih shareeram dEvasya without nakShatramAhitam |
tasmAt tithim prashamsamti na nakShatraM tithivinA ||
–    ( smruthi koustubha, anantadEvbhatta, 1644 AD)

In the religious text, VeeramithrOdaya, the following has been mentioned. “ If on the first day, the Thithi encompasses the entire duration of the night, if the following day has the star occurrence as well,  shiShTAstu poorvAmEvOpasamti – the pious will fast on the first day itself. “

“atra aShTamyAh prAdhAnyam rOhiNee tu tadvishEShaNam “– the primary requirement for observing janmAShtamI rituals is aShtami tithi itself. rOhiNee star occurrence shall not be considered.  This is mentioned in smrutikoustubha as well. This is the tradition being followed in AShTha Mathas till date. There is written record for this as well. “janmAShtamI vratAnuShThAnAm sourAnuvartInAm sampradAya shiShtAchaarah | Gresham tithi prAdhAnyamEva || “

SaptamIvEdha : On 23rd Ashtami tithi is occurring along with Saptami (viddha). Hence it would be wrong to mention it as avoidable as is the case with dashamIviddha EkAdashi. If that were the case, Acharya Madhwa would have prohibited the same which is not the case. He has written an entire book on the rituals of Krishna janmAShtamI titled aptly “jayathInirnaya”. He hasn’t mentioned about SaptamIvEdha not even once. Hence SaptamIvEdha need not be considered. Additionally, on the course of fixing the jayanthi, the first text itself is “rOhiNyAmardharAtrE tu yadA kAlAShtamI bhavEt | jayamthI name as prOktA ||  “. In this, after defining JanmAShTamI as occurrence of rOhiNI along with AShTamI during midnight, the incarnation of Lord Krishna has been clearly explained. How is it apt to explain such a clear definition using the lines of Samnyaasa paddhati, “madhyaratrE ca poojayEt”? Can we not interpret the same using Acharya’s teachings as “rituals need to be done even if it is midnight well “ ?

The reference against the same is present in Skaanda and agni puranhas.

janmAShtamI rOhiNI ca shivaraatristathaiva  ca |
pUrvyaviddhaiva karthavyA tithyamte varnam bhavEt ||

Hence, fasting on account of Krishna janmAShtamI needs to be observed on 23rd August 2019 itself. No need of any confusions here.

Panel of Scholars,
Shri Krishna Matha,
Paryaya Shri Palimaru Matha, Udupi

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