Praanadah alankara


Praanada alankara, nitya laksha tulasee archane and maha pooje 14.02.201

Praanada alankara, nitya laksha tulasee archane and maha pooje 14.02.201

1)Bestower or destroyer of the Senses.

When the Jeevatmas(souls) acquire a new body, the Lord will bring subtle parts of the senses and weaves them into the body. When the Jeevatma leaves the body, the Lord will take back the subtle parts of the senses, away from this world.  Gitacharya Lord Krishna says so in the Bhagavad-Gita.

Shariram Yadvapnoti  Yachchapyutkramtishwaraha
Grhitvaitaani Samyati Vaayurgandhaanivashayat || Bhagavad-Gita 15/8

2) Purifier of the Senses.

Lord Brahma says, since he keeps the Lord in his heart with devotion, his Senses will not stray into bad paths.

Na Me Hrishikaani Patantyasatpathe Yanme Hridautkantyavataa Dhritho Harihi
(Bhaagavatha 2/6/33)

3)Giver of activities

Lord who gives senses, also ensures the senses are active. Since none of the materials have the ability to act on their own, the Lord dwells into the senses and activates them.
(Brahmasutrabhaashya 2/4/10)

4)Giver of Strength

The Lord who has given senses, activated them, will also bestow the strength needed for their activities. Prahlaada has averred, that, only Lord gives the strength to the powerful. (Bhaagavata 7/8/8)

5)He is the very life-force of Mukhyaprana, the prime Life-force.

6)Giver of Life.

7)He is the remover of Prana(Life force).

  • Author : Vidwan Sri Sagri Raghavendra Upadhyaya
  • Translated by : Sri Vadiraja, Maisooru

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