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Krishna Katha Volunteering FAQ – English

We are glad you have evinced interest in this page. This is a tiny effort in sowing the seeds of tradition in children through the story of Shri Krishna. We hope this instills confidence in oration, love and fluency in speaking in the mother tongue and above all pride about our Indian culture in the child perpetually.
The international level Shri Krishna katha contest organized in 2017 was a good success. The competition this year is more expansive. Along with Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi, the languages of Tulu, Bengali and Konkani have been included. Wider participation by children entails more families being engrossed in the stories of Krishna. To reach out to more families, volunteers would be required. We believe you are looking at this page with a desire to volunteer. Our greetings to you. May the volunteering service you render for this program please Shri Krishna.


What are the prerequisites to participate as a volunteer?
The prerequisites to participate as a volunteer are

  • Love towards Krishna.
  • Ability to dedicate 1 to 2 hours each day mandatorily and in all earnest.
  • Ability to converse in any one of the languages of Kannada,Telugu,Tulu,Tamil, Marathi, Konkani, Hindi, Bengali. being able to converse in all these languages would be spectacular!!
  • Knowledge of graphic designing, programming languages, Microsoft excel would be an added advantage though not mandatory.

Would the volunteers be require to visit Udupi?
This is an online contest. It is not mandatory that you visit Udupi. This service can be rendered from your home or even while you are travelling.
What service would be required of me as a volunteer?
There are several ways in which you could be of assistance.

  • You must promote the contest in your Facebook and Whatsapp groups
  • If you are acquainted with families having small children, inspire them to participate in this contest.
  • To those whom it is feasible, banners and posters must be displayed at temples and places of satsang near you.
  • View the videos of your language, verify if they are in compliance with the rules of the contest and award marks accordingly.

Should I pay to become a volunteer?
No. This is a free volunteering service.

I do not know any language apart from my mother tongue.  Would I qualify to be a volunteer?
Certainly yes. While knowing more than one language is an advantage, choosing to limit your service to a language of fluency to you is possible.
We both, husband and wife wish to render service. Is that possible?
Not just husband and wife but all members of the family above 21 years of age may participate in this service. All we expect of you is absolute dedication towards the service.
How should this service be carried out?

  • Parents will make a video of their child for the contest and upload it on Youtube. You must watch it (every video of the language/s you have chosen) attentively. The video must be evaluated. When required, you will have to interact with other volunteers of your language group.
  • If the children or parents contact you, talk to them and address their concerns. When in doubt, you may get in touch with the super admin of the volunteering group. His assistance will be available to you 18 hours a day.

We wish to volunteer but will our children be allowed to take part in the contest?          
That is possible but you will have to refrain from evaluating videos. You can render other services.

Other conditions

  • Your contact number will be shared on the website of our Matha, Facebook and promotion material of the contest. Choosing to volunteer implies your acceptance of the same. This is also applicable to your Facebook profile and Whatsapp number.
  • It is extremely vital that you be active and progressive. Volunteers should not remain inactive post enrolment. Idle talk must be avoided in the group. These two attitudes drain the enthusiasm of other members. 1xBet promo codes provide players with rewards for entering a unique code while depositing or registering with 1xBet. These are available for casino games and sports betting, letting users claim deposit bonuses, free spins, and bonus cash. Players can also find 1xbet promo code exclusive to their country from this review. Once-off codes can also be purchased from the 1xBet betting site for bonus points that are awarded whenever a player places a bet. There are also loads of bonus offers that feature a vast range of rewards, including cashback bonuses, bonus winnings for sports and casino markets.

Further details will be furnished soon after registering as a volunteer.


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