Sri Subrahmanya Swamiji at Udupi

Subramanya Matha Sripadara Pravachana

On 14.06.2018 evening, the pontiff of Shri Subrahmanya Matha His Holiness Vidyaprasanna Teertha Sripadaru was conferred with all respects via a procession from Udupi Samskruta College to the gateway of the Matha wherein he was received by the seer of paryaya Palimaru, His Holiness Vidyadheesha Teertha Sripadaru and welcomed into the glorious Shri Krishna shrine.

His Holiness Vidyaprasanna Teertha will be rendering a discourse on Mahabharata as a part of the Shrimadhvamanya paryaya jnana yajna undertaken during the paryaya of Palimaru Matha.

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