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Sarasvatee Pooja

On the evening of 02.03.2018, His Holiness Vidyadheesha Teertha of paryaya Palimaru Matha performed Saraswati pooje at Rajangana. Hundreds of students who are recipients of chinnara santarpane attended this program along with their teachers. Sri Sripadaru prayed that a combination of Bodhane(education), Bhojana(food) and Bhajane(hymns) cleanse the body and mind of the children and achieve perfection. After His upanyasa He blessed the children with mantakshate. He also declared the addition of new schools under the scheme and the distribution of uniforms every year. During this occasion, Union President Ashok Kumar Maada, Secretary of the project M.Shrinivas Rao and others were present.

It may be recalled that chinnara santarpane is a social care project initiated by His Holiness during his first paryaya. At present, about 32000 school children are receiving free Shri Krishna prasada in the form of this noon meal scheme.