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The significance of Sri Rama Nama is infinite. Although the entirety of the merits it accrues is beyond verbal expression, the following shloka briefly explains the greatness of Rama Nama.

शत्रूच्छेदैक मन्त्रं, सकल निगम-सद्वाक्य- संपूज्य मन्त्रं
संसारोत्तार-मन्त्रं, समुचित-समये सङ्गनिर्याण-मन्त्रम् ।
सर्वैश्वर्यैक-मन्त्रं, व्यसन-भुजग- सन्दष्ट-सन्त्राण मन्त्रं
हस्त श्रीराम-मन्त्रं, लिख-लिख सततं जन्म साफल्य-मन्त्रम् ॥

There is a distinct mantra which is an assured panacea for all the problems that one encounters in life. It is so effective that it not only destroys external enemies but those dwelling within the self (anger, lust, greed, ego,etc) too. The Vedic and Puranic lore unanimously enunciate the glories and eminence of this mantra.

It uplifts the devotee in time from the ocean of troubles. It bestows prosperity and frees one from the coil of the snake called obsession.

That panacea is the supreme Sri Rama Nama Mantra. One should urge their palm with all earnest to write this mantra continually and make their life purposeful.

“Sahasra Koti Sri Rama Nama Lekhana Yajna” has been initiated by Sri Palimaru Matha to present an opportunity to all those desirous of engaging in spiritual chanting. One may participate by dedicating some time from your daily schedule towards this simple yet effective initiative.
This will give you peace of mind, prosperity and above all else, the grace of Sri Rama. Details pertaining to participation in this yajna are given in last folio of this booklet. We pray Sri Rama and Mukhyaprana to shower their divine blessings on every one.

Naraayaana Smaranegalu

Sri Sri Vidyamanyatheertha Swamiji Sri Sri Vidyadheeshatheertha Swamiji
Sri Hrishikeshatheerthapeetham, Sri Palimarumatha, Udupi.