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Devotees please note. The seva amount you pay will be deposited in Sri Ramanjaneya Pratishtana's Account. Sri Ramanjaneya Pratishtana is a wing of Sri Palimarumatha

The month of Bhadrapada is called Proshtapada in the ancient scriptures. From the 9th day to the Full Moon of this month, King Parikshitha listened to the whole Bhagavatha from Shukacharya. With this significance, this particular time period is considered apt for organising discourses on Bhagavata Purana and thereby, some people organise the reading of this Purana during this period.

This year, His Holiness  Sri Vidyadheesha Teertha Sripadaru has resolved to offer a Bhagavata Parayana Seva in the holy sanctorum of Lord Krishna during Proshtapadi season. This would be done by an eminent scholar for a period of 16 days.  Devotees of the Lord can offer contributions towards this seva and be blessed.

Dates of Parayana : 31.08.2019 to 14.9.2019

1. Seva once booked or donations once made, the amount cannot be refunded.
2. Seva once booked, the date cannot be changed.