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Apratima Santa

Apratima Santa (The incomparable saint) This is a documentary on the creation and installation of a 32 feet monolithic statue of Shri Madhvacharya, an iconic philosopher. It is an attempt to capture his magnificent personality through a stone sculpture. Since none are equipped to sculpt his majestic personality, he is ‘a-pratima’ (inimitable); the inimitable saint who presented the world with Tattvajnana. In the backdrop of the completion of 700 years since Shri Madhvacharya entered Badarikashrama, the seer of Palimaru Matha, His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha had this sculpture made and installed and submitted it to the indweller of Shri Madhvacharya. Similarly, on the occasion of the 700th Madhva Navami, we present this video to the indweller of people of the entire world Madhwantargata Shri Krishna.

We (Indians) have been constantly faltering in imparting and preserving records chronologically for our future generations. Thus, we do not get sufficient information pertaining to subject matter of the yore. Much of the contributions of our ancestors have been lost in the womb of history. From this point of view, it is vital for us to document events that transpire from time to time as is. This is a tiny effort in that direction.

As far as possible, watch the entire video in high – definition quality. Do share your opinions with us.

Our good wishes to all of you on the 700th Madhva Navami