Suvarna gopura Udupi - Inauguration

Inauguration Ceremony of Suvarna Gopura – Invitaion

The Suvarna Gopura of Lord Krishna that is being built on the resolve of Shri Shri Vidyadhisha Tirtha Shripadaru the head of Shri Palimaru Matha, will be offered to Lord Krishna on 06-06-2019. On this account there will be special programs organised at Shri Krishna Matha for ten days as given below.

  1. 31-05-2019: Inauguration
  2. 01-06-2019: Shobha Yatra of Suvarna Shikhara and Rajata Kalasha.
  3. 04-06-2019: Offering of Hore-kaanike.
  4. 06-06-2019: Offering the Suvarna Shikhara to the Lord.
  5. 09-06-2019: Brahma Kalasha abhisheka to Lord Shri Krishna.
  6. 10-06-2019: Samaropa Program.

Various religious, spiritual and cultural events will be held on all these days. We extend a warm welcoe to all devotees of Lord Krishna to participate in this celebration and receive the grace of Lord Krishna – Mukhyaprana. pjk

– Divanaru, Paryaya Sri Palimaru Matha, Shri Krishna Matha, Udupi




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