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Krishnamegha alankara, nitya laksha tulasee archane and mahapooje 06.02.2019

Krishnamegha alankara, nitya laksha tulasee archane and mahapooje 06.02.2019

शमयन् भवसंतापं रमयन् साधुचातकान् ।
कृष्णमेघः कृपादृष्टिव्ष्ट्या पुष्णातु मामपि ॥

shamayan bhava santaapam ramayan saadhu chaatakaan |
krishnameghaH kripaadrishti vrishtya pushnaatu maamapi ||

There is a bird called Chaataka( Identified as Pied Cuckoo). It’s conduct is pious. It does not drink water from elsewhere when it is thirsty. It does not even want water that has fallen on the ground. It only wants untouched, pristine and pure rain water for drinking. It will rather wait for rain water but will never touch other water. It opens it’s beak and  keeps waiting for rain drops. Finally clouds of the rainy season arrive and quench the thirst of the Chaataka. Saints immersed in penance too are like the  Chaataka bird. Their life is extremely pious. Though they suffer from the fires of worldly life, they will never accept help from random people. They too keep looking at the clouds for relief hoping that the intense hardship of life will be doused. They do not want an ordinary cloud to shower rain drops to douse their burns. Verily, Lord Krishna is that cloud.  Seekers desire that only Lord Krishna should descend to comfort their mind & body. When the penance is ripe, that cloud(Lord Krishna) will descend, relieve the hardships and please these aspirants. May that Krishnamegha, shower the rain of his grace, upon us .

This lovely and extremely meaningful verse in the form of a prayer has been given to us by Shri Vyasarajaru. True seekers would wait in earnest for the merciful glance of Lord Hari to fall upon them but would never tread the despicable, non-vedic path in the quest for relief.  Real redressal is possible by none but Krishna alone. If one is to obtain this relief one ought to shun all the worldly dark attractions we encounter at every step of life and keep our mouth open relentlessly through the wait for the downpour of the nectar of compassion by Lord Krishna. This is the subtle message hidden in this prayer.

In order to overcome hardships, we have to imbibe and emulate the nature of saints. We should become Chaataka birds. In the quest for redressal of our hardships, we should not give in to temporal solutions but should await permanent succor brought about by the loving glance of Krishnamegha. This glance is enough to rid oneself of all kinds of prarabdha (karma that is ripe for reaping).

Today, Udupi Kishora Krishna was adorned as Krishnamegha by Gurugalu, worshipped through the offering of one lakh tulasi leaves and performed the mahapooje. May the sprinkle of the   drops of the merciful glance of this Krishnamegha befall us too.

  • Author : Vadiraja, Maisooru



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