Krishna Katha Results

Shri Krishna Katha Contest – Season II – Results

In accordance with the desire of His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha Shripadangalavaru, Tattwa Samshodhana Samsat had organized Krishna katha – an online story telling competition for children this year too. This competition would enable both the children and the parents to completely immerse in the glorious life of Krishna briefly. Such involvement which would bestow auspiciousness upon all the members of the family was the purport. The competition this year received over 400 videos of children sent in by parents in 7 different languages. Excluding the videos that did not comply with any of the rules of the competition, the remaining 320 videos were considered for evaluation. From Udupi to Germany, participation has been widespread. Our heartfelt congratulations to all the parents who encouraged their children. Although it is the children who have narrated the story, the parents are the truly deserving recipients of this certificate of appreciation.

There are some points that need to be stated honestly. Several parents have recorded their child’s video in haste with the thought that it would be ‘hard if the deadline is over’, several others has given a book to the children to learn by heart and some others have forgone sobriety. Let this not be the case. If you narrate something about Krishna every day, the child would automatically pick the essence and inculcate it into life. The child would grow up to be your great reward that nobody can take away. This is our expectation.

The best story narrator would presented a silver tulasi mala or coral mala offered to Shri Krishna. May this prize brighten the future of the child. May the child learn to engage in Shri Krishna japa and meditation at this age itself and grow as a precious gem furthering the growth of our nation. A certificate of appreciation signed by His Holiness will be sent via email to all the participants. May all the children be bestowed with the grace of Shri Krihna Mukhyaprana.  May the children participate in the competition next year with even greater potential.

Several have asked why the competition was not conducted in English. Our reply to that is here.

This was an effort to promote mother tongue and culture. We wish that the languages spoken from ancient times in our homes revel on the tongues of the children. It is not our say that just by narrating a story the child would turn into a linguistic scholar or a protector of culture but relentless nourishment of the seeds sown today by the parents would enable our tradition to flow into the future generations of our children too. This is our aspiration. Thus, the contest was restricted to Indian languages for Indian nationals residing in the country and abroad.

This initiative has been successful due to the efforts of several Krishna devotees who have volunteered. Around 24 volunteers who are involved in cultural programs have evaluated the videos. May the service of the volunteers be accepted by Shri Krishna Mukhyaprana and Gurugalu and shower them with grace.

Team Volunteered for this program

  1. Shri.Muralidhar Rao Dinni, Hyderabad
  2. Smt. K.V. Rajalakshmi, Bengaluru
  3. Shri.Umesh Deshpande, Margao
  4. Smt. Vasuki Honnur, Bengaluru
  5. Smt. Rashmi Das, Raichur
  6. Prof. Raveendra U Shenoy, Udupi
  7. Smt. Namrata Kamat, Udupi
  8. Shri. Bindhumadhavan and Smt.Bhargavi, Chennai
  9. Shri.Sudarshan and Smt.Gayatri, Chennai
  10. Shri Pannaga and Smt Apoorva, Shringeri
  11. Shri.Raja.B.Shrikanth, Maisooru
  12. Shri.Raghupati Balarao, Rajapaliam
  13. Shri.Shrinidhi Shanbhog, Maisooru
  14. Shri.Santosh L.P., Bengaluru
  15. Shri.Subodip Mitra, Bengaluru
  16. Shri.Sailesh Singhal, New Delhi
  17. Shri.Rahul Rai, Kolkota
  18. Shri.Mahesh, Bengaluru
  19. Shri.Mayur Kulkarni, Kolhapur
  20. Shri.Bhanusimha, Maisooru
  21. Shri.Krishnamoorthy Bhoovaraha, Chennai
  22. Shri.Gokulraj, Chennai
  23. Shri.Venugopal Rao, Udupi
  24. Shri.Shrinivas Bhat, Bommarabettu
  25. Smt.Mamatha Kulkarni Bengaluru
  26. Shri.Aniruddha Bengaluru
  27. Smt.Rachana Vijayakumar Bengaluru
  28. Shri.Virinchi Dinni, Hyderabad
  29. Shri.Dheerendra Purohit.Bengaluru
  30. Shri Ananda Teertha, Holenarasipura
  31. Shri Prasanna Joshi, Paroda, Goa
  32. Smt Sandhya Nagaraj, Margao
  33. Shri Bhujanga Rao, Agra
  34. Kumari Archana Gudi, Goa



Language Winner Place Video Link
Group A Vidhatri Maisuru
Group B Kinisha Maisuru
Group C No Participant in this group    
Group A Anannya Chakravarthy Bengaluru
Group B Gaanavi Puttur
Group C Hruday Shrivatsa San Jose
Group A Taksheel M. Devadiga Mangaluru
Group B Hamsa Bhat Bengaluru
Group C Thvisha G. Shetty Mumbai
Group A Sunidhi Shenoy Moodubidri
Group B Krishna Prabhu Hubballi
Group C Gourav Shenoy Hyderabad
Group A Yogitha Bengaluru
Group B Jaya Chandrika Hyderabad
Group C Avani Guntur
Group A No participants in this group    
Group B Prakruti Prakash  Chennai
Group C No participants in this group    
Group A Tripura Kulkarni Kolhapur
Group B Mrinmayee Ashrit Ahmednagar
Group C Sampanna P. Rao Maisooru
Group A No participant in this group    
Group B Surya Sujit Bengaluru
Group C Yashwit D. Kanchan Mulki

We wish every one all the best.

participation certificate will be sent by email to every individuals. Kindly contact in case if you don’t receive certificate within 25.09.2018

– Dr. Vamshi Krishnachar Purohit
Director, Tattwa Samshodhana Samsat,
Sri Palimaru Matha, Udupi


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