Harivana Seva

Sri Swamiji offered Harivana Seva on 23.07.18



On the occasion of shayani ekadashi, His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha Sripadaru of paryaya Palimaru and the junior seer of Adamaru Matha His Holiness Eeshapriya Teertha Sripadaru placed the tulasi harivana on their head and to the dasara pada “dangurava saari hariya”.  After the night worship was offered to Lord Krishna and after completion of   suryavadya, nadaswara, sankeertane, sangeeta and bhagavata puranas at chandrashale, in the pavilion opposite Lord Krishna, His Holiness performed the mangalarati and placed the tulasi harivana on his head and offered his Nartana Seva. This seva is performed on the 8 ekadashis during chaturmasya beginning on shukla ekadashi of ashada masa up until shukla ekadashi of karteeka masa.

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