Daily Events 17.07.2018

The valedictory ceremony of one month long Harikatha Yajna was conducted at Madhwa Mantapa

The valedictory ceremony of the one month relentless harikatha yagna was conducted at madhvamantapa of Shri Krishna Matha on 17.07.2018. This Harikatha Yajna was presented by paryaya Shri Palimaru Matha in association with the Harikatha Parishat (R) Mangalooru.  His Holiness of the paryaya palimaru matha Sri Vidyadeesha blessed that the Harikatha Parishat grows far and wide like River Ganga who appears as a small stream in the Himalayas, expands at Haridwara and becomes vast at Varanasi. The Honorary President of the Harikatha Parishat Harikrishna Punarooru and President of the Harikatha Parishat Mahabala Shetty participated as guests. The Convener Y.Anantapadmanabha Bhat welcomed the gathering and the Secretary Thonse Pushkal Kumar delivered the vote of thanks.

During the last three days of the Harikatha Yagna, H.R.Nagaraja from Bengaluru presented a harikathe on Shri Krishna Charitre.


Rajasthan High Court Judge Justice Deepak Maheshwari and his wife visited Shri Krishna Matha and received anugraha mantrakshate at the hands of His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha.


Nitya Bhajana Program at Kanaka Gopura Sabhangana




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