Kattige Muhurta

Palimaru Paryaya Kattige Muhurta

Srimatha will be conducting Kattige Muhurta on 27/08/2017, Sunday at 8:45 AM. All are cordially invited.

Kattige Muhurta is the third amongst preliminaries of the Paryaya. During this Muhurta, the administration of the Matha initiates gathering of firewood which is required for the whole span of the paryaya period of two years. This ceremony will take place at the space marked for the Kattige Ratha at the north east corner of Madhwa Sarovara.On the prescribed day, a procession of priests, devotees and officials of Srimatha will visit Sri Ananteshwara, Sri Chandramaoulishwara and Sri Krishna Mukhyprana Sannidhana to offer prayers for this Kattige Muhurta. The procession would return to Palimaru Matha and again continue to the Madhwa Sarovara to conduct the ceremony. After offering pooja here, the Deewan will initiate the stacking of firewood.

Stacking of firewood is unlike other places in Krishna Matha. The quantity of firewood is very large here. A random piling of wood would cause a mess around the place. Hence, it will be stacked systematically. To make it appealing, the stack will be creatively designed in the shape of a chariot. Hence it is called Kattige Ratha (Kattige means wood in Kannada and Ratha means Chariot). Construction of this Kattige Ratha normally takes about 25 days to a month. A Kalasha and a few puppets will also be placed on this Ratha to enhance its beauty.

Kattige Ratha is one of the major attractions of Udupi Sri Krishna Matha.

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