Online Story Telling Contest

Krishna Katha – Online Story Telling Contest

  • Is there a child aged between 5 and 7 years in your house?

  • Do you aspire to exhibit the adorable talk of your child to an audience?

  • Do you have access to a smartphone?

If so, showcase your effort and the aptitude of your child in the Krishna Katha (story telling) competition organised by Palimaru Matha! This contest for children is being conducted as a part of the Chaandra Janmashtami celebrations. This is an online competition and is open to all children of the above mentioned age group.


  1. The story may be narrated in Kannada/ Telugu/ Tamil/ Hindi. Participation of an entrant is restricted to any one lanugage only.
  2. The child’s age should be between 5 and 7 years. We will not scrutinize this. We repose faith in your honesty.
  3. All children of this age group within the same family may participate. However rule 1 and 2 are applicable.
  4. Narration of the story is to be no longer than 5 minutes. Wherein you desire to add titles, the overall length of the video should not exceed 330 seconds.
  5. It is mandatory to shoot the video in horizontal mode. Do not film holding your phone in a vertical position.
  6. Upload the video thus recorded on to Youtube and be sure to include the hash tag #palimaru_krishna_katha. In the description section below the video on Youtube, include the name of the child, name of the parents, city of residence, class of study and name of the school.
  7. After the upload, share it with your dear ones. Send a video link (and not the entire video) via email or Whatsapp to our volunteers. Mail ids and phone numbers are given at the end of this flyer. To share on Facebook, paste the Youtube video link with #palimaru_krishna_katha and @Palimaru Matha – Udupi tags. Do not post it directly on FB. Videos without these tags cannot be considered for the competition.
  8. Last Date 11.08.2017 till 8:00 PM IST


  • A certificate of participation will be awarded via email to all participants.
  • The child securing the first place in each language category will receive a silver tulasi mala offered to Lord Shri Ramachandra as a reward.


  • Turn off your TV and other mobile phones while recording the narration.
  • Choose a place with natural lighting to shoot the video.
  • If shooting in an large enclosed space ensure that the voice does not echo. A space with wooden & cushion furniture is likely to reduce the incidence of echoes.
  • Ensure that the costume of the child is in contrast to the colour of the background.
  • Teach your child to narrate with confidence and facial expressions.


  • Email :
  • Facebook :
  • Whatsapp: (Message your video links to any one of the following volunteers.)


  • Dr. Vamshi Krishna Acharya : 8123458634
  • Srinivasa Bhat : 9480640050
  • Vishvavijaya Bhat : 9743701372
  • Jeevan Raj : 9164149680
  • Bhanu Simha : 9964068046
  • Smt. Sandhya Shingoti : 9403039825
  • Venugopal Bhat : 9844361289


  • Sooryanarayana : 8805997504
  • Dheerendra Purohit : 9916933533
  • Smt. Shireesha : 9032714706
  • Smt Lakshmi Prasanna : 8500956747


  • Bindumadhavan : 9789999457
  • Smt. Bhargavi Madhavan : 9790902490
  • Smt. Gayatri Sudarshana : 9894367134
  • Pannaga Sharma : 9483743183


  • Prof. Raveendra Shenoy : 9844667337
  • Umesh Deshpande : 9326137294
  • Vijay Kumar : 9987140880
  • Venugopal Kulkarni : 8055485682
  • Prasanna Joshi : 8605457378



How do you validate the age of an entrant?
We do not try any methods to validate the age of child. We trust what ever the parents tell. Honesty matters.

Tulasi Mala is normally used by men/boys. What if a girl child wins in this contest?
A silver chain with coral and pearl beads will be awarded as the prize for girl child.

Do we need to intimate all the above volunteers separately?
No. No need to inform every one separately. Contact any one among them.

When will you announce the results?
It will be announced after 15.08.2017. Kindly watch our website for updates.

How do you distribute the prize?
We will send the prizes through Indian Post.

Do we need to furnish our postal address?
Yes, that helps us. Do one of the following

  • Add your address in the video description
  • Furnish it in the email / what app message.

How to upload videos to You Tube?
Please browse this link.

How to add Hash Tags in YouTube?
Please see this link.

Can I share my child’s video with every one I know?
Yes, sure. Share it. Let others be inspired by your child.

How do you evaluate the video?
Participation will be evaluated by various factors. We consider the presentation, punctuation, time sense, audio clarity etc for awarding the points.

Who will decide the winner?
All videos will first be scrutinized by the group of volunteers and scholars. The shortlisted ones will be submitted to Sri Swamiji and He selects the best in each category.

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