Mumbai Matha

Owing to the desire of thousands of devotees of Palimaru Matha, Sri Sri Vidyadeesha Thirtha Swamiji, the present Pontiff of Palimaru Matha has decided to establish a branch of Palimaru Matha in Mira Road, Mumbai, Thane region. The Matha has already acquired 6000 sq.ft. of land at a cost of Rs. 5.00 Crores and has decided to establish a state of art cultural centre to cater to the religious and cultural needs and aspirations of the people of Mumbai. It is to be appreciated that the Mumbai branch shall cater to the needs of all devotees of the Matha. The estimated cost of the building to be constructed is determined to be Rs. 4.5 crores. Hence, the total cost of Mumbai project works out to Rs. 9.5 Crores. The purchase of land has been financed temporarily through a loan obtained from a bank.

The Palimaru Matha now provides an opportunity to all spiritual devotees and people to participate in the funding of the proposed Mumbai’s Palimaru Matha cultural centre at Mumbai.

In order to facilitate such participation, Palimaru Matha has organized a THULABARA of Lord Sri Rama, the presiding diety of Palimaru Matha. The Thulabara would be performed with 12kg. of gold and 20 kgs of silver. The funds generated out of this Thulabara, would be wholly utilized for meeting the cost of land and the proposed cultural centre.

Expression of devotion to the Almighty through the concept of Thulabara is a well accepted practice which has been held in very high esteem by various Hindu scriptures. The celebrated Thulabara performed by Rukmini & Sathyabhama, consorts of Lord Krishna and the Thulabara offered by King Shibi in which he places himself in the plate in lieu of the slain pigeon, extol the essence of selflessness and devotion – the paths leading to the Grace of God. The Thulabara being now performed to Lord Rama is conceived on these lines.

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