Akshara Nidhi

Akshara Nidhi is a scholarship initiative of Sri Palimaru Matha

Akshara Nidhi is a scholarship initiative of Sri Palimaru Matha.

Our Acharya Madhva stated “jñānēnaiva paraṁ padaṁ”. This locution of his was condoned by Geetacharya even before it was pronounced. It is for this reason that he stated “na hi jñānēna sadr̥śaṁ”. Although devotion is acclaimed, it is accorded greater veneration only when it is combined with knowledge. This is seen across society. The fact that knowledge is respected remains undisputed.

It is the duty of society to pave the pathway and render complete support to those who wish to tread this path. Often, it is but natural that the parents are the ones to offer the initial support when the knowledge seeker takes his first step along this path. However, owing to destiny, there are many such seekers in society who are devoid of this assistance. There are several parents who desire to proffer the best education to their children, however, if they are not financially sound, the dream of their child remains an aspiration. It is in times like these that society should render a helping hand. This is dharma. The biggest outcome of such dharma is an increase in the number well-educated people in society. With this aspiration as the backdrop, our theological texts have accorded enormous significance to the gift of education.

Jagadguru Shrimadhvacharya established Shri Krishna Matha for the very purpose of imparting knowledge. It continues to date to be the commitment of his lineage. All of the Ashta Mathas have made education a priority. Be it the Vedic Gurukulas in the place of origin of the matha, the world-class educational centers in other cities, provision of facilities for education and boarding to hundreds of students at the udupi mathas, all of these are direct and indirect patronage for education.

Apart from the abovementioned facilities, there are instances of several students and their parents approaching His Holiness for assistance to further the education. Every single day, variegated aid goes out to several people from Shreepeeta.  However, it is not always feasible to help every person in accordance with their expectation. It is disheartening that at times this assistance is insufficient. At times like these, waves of sorrow emanate in the heart of His Holiness. 

With the good intent that such despairing situations never arise in future, His Holiness of the paryaya, Shri Shri Vidyadheesha Teertha Shripadaru has devised a lasting solution to this problem. The solution is the Aksharanidhi initiative. Aksharanidhi is a permanent fund. This fund has been instated for the welfare of financially disadvantaged students. Any financially challenged student can avail of this funding with ease but in compliance with stringent provisions. The fund will be allocated in the form of scholarships.

The fund will be administered by a management committee headed by the venerable Palimaru Shrigalu.

Why the name Aksharanidhi?

The akṣaramāle begins with akāra. Shri Krishna Himself has clearly stated that He dwells in the akāra (Bhagavad Gita 10:33). Since it is an alphabet accorded to Him, the same has been chosen to name the fund.

Akṣara means the imperishable. The primary aim of this fund is contained in the name; which is to keep the hope of education from being destroyed. For this responsibility to be ceaseless, it is vital that the fund too be akṣara; meaning it should exist permanently.

The root of a large text is its letters. Without the letters, how could there ever be a treatise? The akṣaras of the akṣaramāle form innumerable words, hundreds of sentences and finally becomes a big text. Similarly, this fund too should grow humungous. To further elaborate, if this fund is to become a huge resource in the future, all devotees in society must donate as much as an akṣara and collectively it creates an enormous corpus. Thus, His Holiness has resolved to accept all contributions in accordance with one’s individual capacity and make it a substantial fund. Those with great convenience can make big contributions and those with small convenience can make small contributions towards this fund.  

Who can donate?

All those who wish to patronize education can contribute towards Aksharanidhi. One doesn’t have to donate lakhs of rupees. One can donate as per one’s own capacity.

Multinational organizations may also make donations to Aksharanidhi under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Donations will also be accepted as monthly installments; meaning, where the donor so desires, a monthly contribution of Rs.501/- can be made.

This donation is eligible for deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, Government of India.

Who can avail of this scholarship?

High school and college students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. There are no caste and creed restrictions.


  • A committee comprising of two academicians, a financial advisor, a legal practitioner and two industrialists will manage the fund under the directive of His Holiness.
  • A student seeking scholarship must clearly establish his financial constrain.
  • The scholarship will be awarded annually.
  • Any student will be given scholarship only for three/five years as warranted by individual cases.
  • The scholarship will be credited directly to the institution where the student is enrolled, not in cash.
  • Aksharanidhi reserves the right to make amendments to the statutes as and when deemed necessary. 

Please contact 7892431365 for more information.