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Distribution of free school uniforms

The adage kereya neeranu kerege challi  (pour the lake water back into the lake) is befitting in the context of Palimaru Matha.  The money received as donations from devotees is being brought back to society by His Holiness through the various programs he has undertaken. Vishvasanjeevini, Chinnara Santarpane, Krishna Educational Institution, Yogadeepika Vidyapeeta, Tattvadeepika Vidyapeeta and other such initiatives exemplify this.

During the two year tenure of his second paryaya, His Holiness has resolved to distribute uniforms for free to school students. Approximately 10,000 students of aided schools in Udupi district will be beneficiaries of this program. These free uniforms will be made available to beneficiaries of the Chinnara Santarpane program studying in class 1 upto class 7.

The cost of the fabric for these uniforms in the open market is around Rs.25,00,000 but the manufacturers have been contacted directly and the fabric is being sourced at a discounted price. Arrangements have also been made to have the uniforms sew​n ​at a discounted price.

On 18 July, 2018 His Holiness will officially induct this uniform distribution program at the Rajangana. Legislators, ministers and representatives of the district will be gracing this ceremony.