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Contributions for Annadaana during Suvarna Gopura Pratishte

The auspicious celebration of annadaana in the presence of Annabrahma

As a part of the samarpane of the suvarna gopura and brahmakalashotsava to Lord Krishna at Shri Krishna Matha, the ritual of offering grains was inaugurated by His Holiness Shri Vidyadheesha Teertha of paryaya Palimaru and Maanila Shri Mohanadasa Swamiji.

On account of the offering of the suvarna gopura and brahmakalashotsava to Lord Krishna of Udupi who is renowned as Annabrahma, lakhs of devotees are likely to attend the historic celebrations. Special arrangements are being made for annadaana to all these devotees.  The time is nearing for all the devotees of Lord Krishna to partake in the annadaana and earn good fortune during this rare auspicious occasion. 

When the hunger of a person or a living being is satiated through annadaana, Shri Krishna Parabrahma becomes wholly pleased. Wherein, we are unable to offer annadaana on a daily basis in our homes, one may participate in feeding the devotees and pleasing them during such rare auspicious occasions by contributing grains in accordance with one’s capacity. Through this, by serving the people, it amounts to the service of Lord Krishna who is Janardana. By doing so, there is no doubt that the families of the donors would obtain enhanced prosperity.

His Holiness of paryaya Palimaru has informed that in this context, devotees of Lord Krishna may offer grains as per one’s capacity in the grain collection receptacle placed beside the navagraha shrine at Udupi Shri Krishna Matha and be a part of the glorious offering of the suvarna gopura and brahmakalshotsava to Lord Krishna, thereby becoming recipients of the grace of Lord Krishna Mukhyaprana.