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Shri Krishnarpita Tulasi for medicines

The tulasi leaves used for the nitya laksha tulasi archane of Shri Krishna will be made available to us in the form medicine. Yes. A medical trial of this has been successful. This medicine is now awaiting the final phase of approvals from the Ayush Department of the Central Government. This approval will be available in a few days. Tulasi choorna and Tulasi syrup will soon be seen on medicine shelves.

During  this on going second paryaya, His Holiness of Shri Palimaru Matha has been successfully performing laksha tulasi archane to Shri Krishna every day. When this program was first publicized, to some, it seemed as a mere expression of devotion. To them, rejoicing in seeing Shri Krishna covered with tulasi leaves sufficed. However, several other devotees expressed concern over such an enormous amount of tulasi leaves wastefully perishing after having been used for worship.
His Holiness has undertaken a project to ensure that the tulasi offered to Shri Krishna does not go waste. Standing in support of this initiative of His Holiness is the Dharmadhikari of Shrikshetra Dharmasthala, Dr.Veerendra Heggade.

The production of tulasi maatre(tablets), choorna(powder) and peya (syrup) has begun at the Ayurveda College being run by the Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Temple at Udyavara. About 30 kilos of tulasi nirmalya is collected at Shri Krishna Matha every day. Then this tulasi is processed in a scientific manner. Thereafter, it is dried in a clean area under the shade. The weight of the tulasi thus dried drops from 30 kilos to 5 kilos. Later choorna, capsules and other medicines are prepared in accordance with the processes laid down in the Ayurveda shastra.

To date, tulasi which has the properties of being a balancer of kapha (excess sputum production), an anti-microbial and revitalizer was being mixed with other traditional medicines and used.  Since a large quantity of tulasi is easily available at Shri Krishna Matha, exclusive medicines of tulasi will be produced.

These medicines are being prepared by a team lead by Dr.Muralidhara Ballal, Professor and Pharmacy General Manager at SDM Pharmacy CollegeThe college will start manufacturing the medicines on a large scale after obtaining official permission from the Department of Ayush.

The seer of the paryaya matha His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha congratulated Dr.Veerendra Heggade for being a facilitator in bringing this noble initiative to society.