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Purushottama Dhama at Jagannatha Puri

For righteous people who wish to earn merit, adhika masa is a very treasured period. This is because all the good deeds performed during this month accrue more merit when compared to the other months. With this backdrop, here is an opportunity to garner lasting merit.  

The pontiff of Shri Palimaru Matha His Holiness VidyadeeshaTeertha is constructing a well-equipped yatra dhama at Jagannatha Puri, the abode of Purushottama. A land of 1 acre has already been procured for this purpose. Application for conversion of land preferred with the Odisha Govt. Construction of the building is yet to begin. For devotees from south India undertaking a pilgrimage here, it would offer the best accommodation facilities. 

Features of the Purushottama Dhama

  • Located only 3 km away from the Lord Jagannatha temple
  • 30 well organized rooms
  • 2 dormitories
  • Spacious pooja mandira
  • Parking facility for vehicles of the travelers
  • Convenience to perform rituals pertinent to the kshetra
  • Organized goshala

The overall plan is estimated to cost approximately 5 crore rupees. We request all devotees to make generous contributions and bring success to this project.

  • Construction of a room: Rs.800000.00
  • Construction of pooja hall: Rs.150000.00
  • Construction of kitchen: Rs.100000.00
  • Construction of goshala: Rs.500000.00
  • Construction of dormitories, pooja mandira and other facilities: Rs.5000.00 per square feet
  • Construction materials too may be donated)

Donations towards the construction of pilgrim’s rooms may be made in installments too.

Adhika Masa :  Puri is the abode of Purushottama who is the presiding deity of adhika masa. Thus there is no doubt that taking a sankalpa and making this contribution during adhika masa will reap lasting merits. Service to the devotees of Purushottama will be rendered perpetually in the name of the donors. As is said “Ranganoliyanu bhaktara sanga doreyade”, Purushottama who is pleased with the service of his devotees will always bestow his merciful glance upon us. 

Devotees may consider taking a special oath of contibuting during Adhika Masa and offer it in the future. 

Privileges for donors

  • The names of the donors for the construction of rooms will be etched above   each room respectively.
  • The names of all other donors will be aptly displayed
  • Donors may avail the rooms at Purushottama dhama free of cost in a calendar year as per conditions stipulated by Sri Palimaru Matha.

Donations may kindly be made to this bank account

BANK ACCOUNT NO.  74010100000035
IFS CODE:     BARB0VJUDUP (The fifth digit is 'zero')

Contact any of the following numbers for more details

  • Dr. Vamshi Krishna Acharya 8123458634 
  • Prahlad P.R : 9901771660