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Adviteeya Paryaaya - Invitation

Pioneered by Shri Madhwacharya and progressed by Shri Vadiraja Gurusarvabhouma for the sacred Krishna-Pooja Paryaya and the quotidian service of Lord Krishna on Thursday, the 18th, January 2018, in the auspicious Dhanurlagna at 6:35 AM,

Krishna Katha - Online Story Telling Contest

  • Is there a child aged between 5 and 7 years in your house?

  • Do you aspire to exhibit the adorable talk of your child to an audience?

  • Do you have access to a smartphone?

If so, showcase your effort and the aptitude of your child in the Krishna Katha (story telling) competition organised by Palimaru Matha!

Tapta Mudra Pradaana & Chaturmasya Jnana Yajna

His Holiness Sri Sripadaru will be camped at Bengalooru from 04.07.2017 to 06.09.2017 on account of His 38th Chaturmasya Deeksha. During this period He will visit various organizations to participate in spiritual events.

Installation of 32ft Statue of Sri Madhwacharya

Invincible tenets such as the Tatvavaada have been bestowed upon the world by Jagadguru Shri Madhwacharya. It is a matter of delight for us that such a virtuous Guru took birth in Karnataka. Moreover, the fact that he chose to incarnate at a place called Pajaka in the proximity of Udupi is the good fortune of Tulu Naadu.

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