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Padma Purana Pravachana by Sri Suvidyendra Teertharu

H. H. Sri Sri Vidyadeesha Tirtha Swamiji has been conducting a special Jnanasatra since from the day one of His second Sri Krishna Pooja Paryaya term.

Various scholars are giving their discourses on different parts of Mahabharata at Chandrashala and on Vishnu Purana at the Rajangana. As a special part of this programme H.H Shri Shri Suvidyendra Teertha Sripadaru will be giving a discourse on Padmapurana from 7th to 11th March 2018. Paryaya Sri Palimaru Mathadeesha Shri Vidyadeesha Teertha Sripadaru and Shri Shri Eeshapriya Teertha Sripadaru Junior Seer of Shri Admaru Matha will also be present during the discourse. It will be followed by Paryaya Shri Palimaru Swamiji's Anugraha Sandesha.

All are cordially invited to participate in this programme.

Place : Rajangana
Time : Evening 5 to 6 pm.

Note: The discourse can also be watched live on the official YouTube channel of the Matha.