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VIP Visit to krishna Matha
Anandagiri Swamiji visited Sri Krishna Matha
Sri Anandagiri Swamiji the pontifical head of Bhagvanmukhi Samstanam of Himachal Pradesh visited Sri Krishna Matha today. His Holiness Sri Palimaru Vidaydheesha Teertha swamiji honoured him as per tradition
VIP Visit to krishna Matha
Actress Shruti visited Sri Krishna Matha
Famous kannada actress and the chief secretary of Bharatiya Janatha Party's women's wing, Smt. Shruti Visited Sri Krishna Matha today. His Holiness Sri Swamiji blessed her as per our tradition
Bheemanakatte Swamiji
Condolences on Shri Bheemana Katte Swamiji's demise.
We are deeply saddened to hear that the elder seer of Bheemanakatte Matha His Holiness Raghumanya Teertha has attained Haripada.
Raghavendra Saptaha
Inauguration of Raghavendra Saptaha
Under the association of Paryaya Shri Palimaru Matha and Shri Raghavendra Saptaha Karyacharana Samiti, Shri Raghavendra Saptaha Rajatotsava Program which will be conducted between 16.02.2018 to 22.02.2018 was inaugurated by the Peetadhipati of Mantralaya His Holiness Subudhendra Teertha while His Holiness Vidyadeesha Teertha of the Paryaya Peethadhipati presided over the function. Also present during the occasion were the junior seer of Adamaru Matha His Holiness Eeshapriya Teertha and the seer of Prayaga Matha His Holiness Vidyatma Teertha.
VIP Visit to krishna Matha
British High Commisioner Visited Krishna Matha
British Deputy High Commissioner Sri Andro Fleming visited Sri Krishna Matha today and received blessings. Sri Balaram Bhat, the Manager, honored the guest on behalf of Shri Krishna Matha.
Justice Sri A.V. Chandrashekhar, honourable Judge, Karnataka Administration Tribunal visited Shri Krishna Matha today.  His Holiness Sri Swamiji blessed him at Rajangana.
Justice Sir A.V. Chandrashekhar Visited Krishna Matha
Justice Sri A.V. Chandrashekhar, honourable Judge, Karnataka Administration Tribunal visited Shri Krishna Matha today. His Holiness Sri Swamiji blessed him at Rajangana.

Spiritual Articles

  • Chandra Grahana - Udupi
    Grastodaya Chandra Grahana 31.01.2018
    TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE : The 15th day of the month of Magha shukla paksha dated 31.01.2018, Wednesday is a total lunar eclipse. In Bharata, on this day, the far eastern states and northeastern states wherein the moonrise occurs at 5.17 p.m., will be the ones to witness the eclipse in its entirety from the onset, progress to the waning.
  • Ratha Saptamee - Palimaru Matha
    Ratha Saptami - A few guildelines
    Sapthami of shukla paksha in the month of Magha is popularly known as Ratha Sapthami. This is a period of transition. It is a day wherein the Sun makes a minor shift in its position. It is also the day of the birth of the Sun. It is on this day that the chill winter ceases and the cozy rays of the Sun begin to percolate across the earth. Since this day invigorates the atmosphere, our ancestors have accorded importance to it.
  • Vidura Neeti
    ದಾನ ಮಾಡದವನನ್ನು ಹಾಗೂ ತಪಸ್ಸು ಮಾಡದವನನ್ನು ಏನು ಮಾಡಬೇಕು?
    ಸಂಪತ್ತಿದ್ದೂ ದಾನ ಮಾಡದ ಪಿಟ್ಟಾಸಿಯಿಂದ ಸಮಾಜಕ್ಕೇನೂ ಉಪಾಯೋಗವಿಲ್ಲ. ಹಾಗಾಗಿ ಅವನಿರುವುದಕ್ಕಿಂತ ಇಲ್ಲದಿರುವುದೇ ವಾಸಿ. ದಾರಿದ್ರ್ಯ ಎನ್ನುವುದು ಹಲವು ಬಗೆಯದ್ದು.

Social Activities

Volunteers of Paryaya
Felicitation of volunteers
A simple program of honoring the volunteers was organized today at Kanaka Mantapa.
Ratha Saptami at Palimaru Matha
Samoohika Soorya Namaskara at Krishna Matha
Paryaya Shri Palimaru matha in collaboration with other yoga kendras conducted collective Soorya Namaskara at Rajangana.