Malleshwaram Matha

Sri Madhwacharya who propagated the message of Lord Krishna, installed the idol of Bala Krishna(Child Krishna) in Udupi. The idol itself was sculpted by Vishwakarma and was worshiped by Rukmini, consort of Lord Krishna. It appears that Lord Krishna left the town of Dwaraka which he himself built and settled in Udupi to please Sri Madhwacharya. To ensure continuous daily worship of Bala Krishna and to spread the message of the Lord, Sri Madhwacharya initiated eight of his disciples into asceticism and established eight monasteries. Among these eight ascetics, Sri Hrishikesha Teertha is a favourite of Sri Madhwacharya having recorded all the original literary works(Sarva Moola) of Sri Madhwacharya in his own handwriting. The lineage of Sri Hrishikesha Teertha came to be Known as Sri Palimaru Matha.

From the time of Sri Hrishikesha Teertha to Sri Vidyamanya Teertha, many pontiffs who headed the institution of Sri Palimaru Matha have contributed tremendously to its growth and glory through their vision, knowledge and spiritual powers. Sri Vidyamanya Teertha who is considered a visionary is credited with development of numerous institutions to propagate the philosophy of Sri Madhwacharya, was also the teacher of many pontiffs who now adorn different Mathas. The river of knowledge set in motion by Sri Vidyamanya Teertha is continuing to spread the message of the Lord in all corners of the world. Sri Vidyamanya Teertha derived satisfaction by constant worship of Lord Krishna whom he adorned with several ornaments such as Silver crown, golden chariot, golden cradle etc.

Sri Palimaru Matha has made a name for itself as a trailblazer by undertaking several social and educational initiatives for upliftment of the society. Prominent among these are – ‘The Yogadeepika Trust’ designed for revival of ancient ‘Gurukula’ model of teaching and learning, ‘Sri Krishna Technical Institute’ for imparting vocational training to poor students, ‘Vishwa Sanjeevini Trust’ a mobile medical hospital on wheels serving villages, free mid-day meals for thousands of poor students, free medical camps for children and needy etc.

To raise awareness of our rich spiritual heritage and inculcate righteous living, especially among today’s younger generation which is influenced by western thought, Sri Palimaru Matha has built many temples with active programs of vedic teaching, lectures by vedic scholars, propitiation of dieties based on vedic rituals etc. Among these temples, the ‘Rama Anjaneya Raghavendra Swami Matha’ in Malleshwaram is held in high esteem by many of the devotees for rendering yeoman service. For the past decade this temple has been operating in a temporary structure and Sri Palimaru Matha has an ambitious project to Upgrade this Malleshwaram premises as a temple for ‘Sri Rama Krishna Srinivasa and Raghavendra Swami’ fully equipped with facilities to conduct the spiritual, educational and societal projects for the benefit of devotees. Sri Matha also desires to undertake continuous educational programs and lectures from eminent scholars tospread the message of the Lord. This ambitious project requires significant support from devotees who have previously contributed generously for projects such as – Diamond Armour for Lord Krishna, Mid-day meals for school children, Bade Hanuman temple at Haridwar etc. Sri Palimaru is confident that committed devotees will raise to the occasion and contribute generously for this noble cause. Breakdown of expenses for building construction and opportunities for contribution are indicated as below.

Sri. Sudarshanachar, Manager, Sri Palimaru Matha

Sri Ramanjaneya Raghavendra Swami Temple, 13th cross, sampige Road,

Malleshwaram, Bangalore. Tel: +91-9449974554 | 080 2331 8584

Opportunities for Contribution

Sl.No Item Quantity Rqrd Price/Unit(Rs) Total Price(Rs)
1 Cement 10,000 Bags 350 35 Lakhs
2 Steel 100 Tonnes 50,000/Tonne 50 Lakhs
3 Concrete Blocks 50,000 30/block 15 Lakhs
4 Wood 600 Sq Ft 4000/Sq Ft 24 Lakhs
5 Sand, Jelly Etc 20 Lakhs
6 Sanctum Sanctorum 50 Lakhs
7 Room for swamiji 1 5 Lakhs
8 Visitors Room 1 5 Lakhs
9 General Rooms 6 18 Lakhs
10 Granite Stones/Tiles 10,000 Sq Ft 200/Sq Ft 20 Lakhs
11 Paints etc 12 Lakhs
12 Lifts 2 10 Lakh/Lift 20 Lakhs
13 Electrical Items 20 Lakhs
14 Other Expenses 131 Lakhs
TOTAL 425 Lakhs


Those contribuiting by cheque/Demand Draft can make them in favour of ‘Sri Sarva Moola Pratishtana’. Those desirous of availing tax benefits under section 80G can make contributions in favour of ‘Sri Yogadeepika Trust’.

Contributions can also be made on line via internet to the following bank account:

Bank name: Karnataka Bank
Branch name: Malleswaram, Bangalore
IFS code: KARB0000055
Account number: 9562500100041701
Type of account: CURRENT ACCOUNT
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