Kavu Matha

Shri Trivikrama Panditacharya, foremost amongst Shri Madhvacharya’s gruhasta shishyas is known to have embraced Tattvavaada Philosophy after he debated with Acharya for fifteen days and lost. He then embraced Tattvavaada and became Shri Madhvacharya’s favorite disciple. His popular work, Vayu stuti, extolling Vayu and his three incarnations is believed to protect those who recite it with devotion from harm and shower them with happiness and peace. He also wrote TattvaDeepika, a commentary on Sri Madhvaacharya’s Brahmasutrabhasya.

Shriman Madhvacharya has blessed Shri Trivikrama Panditacharya with Jnaana and had commissioned various literary works to him. He also gifted him a Srivatsa Narayana idol which is still being worshipped at Kavu Matha, near Kasargod.

Any amount of service to Shri Madhvas disciples would never go un-accounted. In this regard, His Holiness Shri Shri Vidyadeesha Teertha Swamiji of Udupi Shri Palimaru Matha has made a divine sankalpa, of offering a gold Kavacha, for the said SriVatasa Narayana idol of Kavu Matha by January 2013.

The overall cost for this would be Rs. 2.5Lakh. Interested devotees could avail of this opportunity to gain His divine blessings.

Donors can also offer used/old gold, which would be used in making the kavacha.

Online Transfer Details :
Bank Name : Syndicate Bank
Branch : Udupi
Account Name : Sri Ramanjaneya Pratishtana
Account No. : 01092010005110
IFS Code : SYNB0000109

After the amount is transferred, kindly send an email with the transfer number and other details to info@palimarumatha.org. We would acknowledge the same via email and subsequently send out a hard copy of the receipt for the amount donated. A list of donors would also be published on the website.

For those that find online transfer cumbersome, could donate through cheques as well. Please make cheques/DDs payable to Sri Ramanjaneya Pratishtana and send it to Sri Palimaru Matha, Car Street, Udupi – 1. Kindly add a short note with your contact and other details and send it alongwith the cheque/DD.

Contributions to this project are now CLOSED. Thanks to generous support from devotees swamiji’s sankalpa was fructified on 26th May 2013 when he offered the kavacha to Srivatsa Narayana

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