Kanyakumari Matha

The stretch of land spanning from Gokarna to Kanyakumari claims divinity not without a reason. Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, pushed back the Arabian sea, thereby reclaiming this holy patch of land, now revered as “Parashurama Kshetra”. In the truest sense, this is God’s own land!

Madhwacharya’s sojoum in Kanyakumari adds to the grace of this Kshetra. Legend has it that Jeevotthama Sri Anjaneya, while carrying the Sanjeevani mountain to Lanka, dropped a chunk of the life-saving herb near Kanyakumari which he would have done out of deliberation. Reclaimed by Lord Parashurama and held in veneration by Hanuman and Acharya Madhwa, this Kshetra has the seal of Hari and Vayu, which is evident even in the roars of the ocean, as the waves rumble towards Kanyakumari from three directions as if to wash the feet of the Parashurama Kshetra.

With this background, it is easy to see why Kanyakumari commands the same divinity and sanctity as Gokarna and Rameshwara. Sri Sri Vidyadeesha Teertha Swamiji has resolved to construct a branch of Palimaru Matha at Kanyakumari encompassing a spaciously designed Dharma Chatra on land Donated by Madhwa Sangha, Nagaracoil. This endeavour will be undertaken purely for the benefit of devotees like you.

The construction is panned to be divided into two portions. One portion would be set aside to include religious discourse, Yaaga, Havana, Homa, pooja and the like, while the other portion will be devoted exclusively for “Apara Karya” or “Kshetra Vidhi”, which refers to activities like “Shraaddha” or “PitruKaarya” – directed towards the appeasement of one’s ancestors. The main part of the construction will include a Pooja Gruha, a kitchen, Ordinary roomas, Double rooms, and Deluxe rooms.

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