Palimaru is a pretty little village 35 km, from the temple town Udupi. It is just 10 km. off, the NH 17 highway. The maTha is located in idyllic surroundings, where one can forget the cares of the mundane world.

There is a large well-maintained tank, adjacent to the eastern entrance of the maTha. Right in front of this entrance is the shrine of Anjaneya (MuKhyaPraanNa), in the sitting posture. The deity, is held in great awe and reverence, as the protector of Madhwa Siddhaanta.

In the inner shrine of the maTha is Sri Vedavyaasa – the incarnation of the Supreme Lord Naaraayana, for imparting Jnaana (True knowledge) to the mortals — in the yogic posture of YogapaTTaasana.
The MuKhya PraaNa idol is believed to have been installed by Sri Raghupraveerateertha, the 24th pontiff, during the 1780s, It is said the idol was discovered by him, in the tank of the MuKhya PraaNa temple, at Ghatikaachala. He was a ‘Mantra Siddha’ (a person who has mastered the Mantras and their application). He has composed three hymns in Sanskrit, lauding the three incarnations of MuKhya Praana – Hanuma, Bheema and Madhva.

Next to the shrine of MuKhya Praana is the holy Vrindaavana of Sri Rajaraajeshwarateertha who was the 7th pontiff. He was an accomplished poet and among his important works are “Raama Sandesha” and a bunch of 8 benedictory verses known as “MangalaashTaka”. This is regularly recited at Dawn. The mellifluous sound of MangalaashTaka fills the air, preparing the residents to start another day of pious living.

The Vrindavanas of other pontiffs who presided over the MaTha are nearby. Among these, particular mention should be made of Sri Raghuvaryateertha, who was the 20th pontiff. He was an unparalleled Vedaantic scholar. His contribution towards, elucidating the Madhwa philosophy, was considerable.

The 30th pontiff was H.H. Vidyaamaanyateertha, who was with us till the year 2000. He was entrusted the responsibility of heading Palimaaru MaTha, in addition to being the pontiff of Bhandaarkeri MaTha. He was the only pontiff, after H.H. Vishnuteertha – the brother of Srimadaachaarya – to be the head of two MaThas concurrently. He had many path breaking activities to his credit. These are being in an exclusive write-up on this saint, later.

The present pontiff, who is the 31st in the lineage is H.H. Vidyaadheeshateertha. We are all indeed fortunate to be contemporaries of this progressive minded Swaamiji, with the ready smile. As we go along, we will have more opportunities to interact and actively collaborate with him in the various programmes, he takes up.

The MaTha is amidst lush green, with gently swaying palms. Mother Nature, in all her glory, invites one and all to come and enjoy pure bliss. The setting is ideal for spiritual enquiry. It inspires profound thoughts. The words of Rigveda “Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides” become a reality at Palimaaru MaTha!

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