Paryaya Sanchara – March 2017

His Holiness Sri Swamiji will be commencing his 2nd  Srikrishna Pooja Paryaya from 18.01.2018.  He is on Paryaya Sanchara from 01.01.2017 . The tentative program for the month of March 2017 is given bellow.

Please Note : Some visits may be changed under inevitable circumstances. Kindly call 0820 – 2523402  / 9483992530 for latest information on this tour

DatesDep. TimeFromToSpecial Programs
01.03.2017Halt at HosurSri Raghavendra Saptaha
02.03.2017Halt at HosurSri Raghavendra Saptaha
03.03.2017Halt at HosurSri Raghavendra Saptaha
04.03.2017Halt at HosurSri Raghavendra Saptaha
05.03.20173:00 PMHosurTumakur
06.03.2017Halt at Tumakur
07.03.20172:30 PMTumakuruTipatooru
08.03.20172:00 PMTipatooruChikkamagaluru
09.03.20171:00 PMChikkamagaluruKadur
10.03.20172:00 PMKadurHarihara
11.03.20171:00 PMHariharSondaDandebali
12.03.20172:00 PMSondaDavanagere
13.03.2017Halt at Davanagere
14.03.2017Halt at Davanagere
15.03.20174:00 PMDavanagereSalem
16.03.20174:00 PMSalemCoimbaoteVyasarajara Aradhana at Salem
17.03.20178:00 PMCoimbatoreShrirangamVyasarajara Uttara Aradhana at Coimbatore
18.03.20176:00 PMSrirangamKumbhakonamSamarpana of new bldg at Srirangam
19.03.20171:00 PMKumbhakonamGuntur
20.03.20173:00 PMGunturMachalipatnam
21.03.20172:00 PMMachalipatnamViajayawada
21.03.20172:00 PMNight - VijayawadaBhadrachalam
22.03.20172:00 PMBhadrachalamJadcharla
23.03.20174:00 PMJadcharlaKottakota
24.03.2017Halt at Kottakota
25.03.20174:00 PMKottakotaDharurPooja at Parthasarathi temple
26.03.20174:00 PMDharurChintraveliPooja at Pranadevara Sannidhana, Chintraveli
27.03.201712:00 NoonChintraveliUdupi
28.03.201710:30 AMUdupiHubballiProcession at Hubballi at 6:00 PM
29.03.2017Halt at Hubballi
30.03.2017Halt at HubballiSri Rama Navami Utsavagalu
31.03.2017Halt at HubballiSri Rama Navami Utsavagalu



3 thoughts on “Paryaya Sanchara – March 2017

  • March 9, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Requesting Swamiji to spare some time for his home constituency. He is a very good speaker and so he can give lectures in Tulu on Madhwa siddhanta all over Tulunadu during the sanchara and during paryaya also. Swamiji had expressed his dismay over lack of Madhwa deeksha among Taulavas in general. He can set right the situation by making Tulu pravachanas in a manner which suits Taulavas. Swamiji should devote at least one hour one Sunday of every month at Rajangana to Tulu pravachana during his paryaya.

  • March 10, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Acharya let us know about Mumbai visit you can call me on 9619848451 dwarkanath

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